Cacao bar - 32g and 52g!Fuel for an active lifestyle.

Cocoa bar rich in protein.

Ingredients: dates*, almonds*, egg white powder*, cocoamass (unsweetened, made in Switzerland) 11%, cocoa powder* 1%, sea salt and Bourbon Vanilla.

*From foreign organic agricolture.
May occasionally contain nut shells and may contain traces of milk, gluten and hazelnuts. Store in a dry and cool place (not in the fridge).
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No added sugar
(contains naturally occurring sugars)

No added oil

No artificial flavorings or preservatives

No cereals

No milk

Organic ingredients where possible

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

100 g

32 g


1691 KJ (403 kcal)

541 KJ (129 kcal)

Total Fat

Saturated Fat

18.2 g

5.1 g

5.8 g

1.6 g

Total Carbohydrate

Total Sugars

33.9 g

28.2 g

10.8 g

9 g

Dietary Fiber

8.7 g

2.7 g


24.2 g

7.7 g


0.2 g

<0.1 g

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