Cacao Coins Grand Cru - 250g.The key ingredient in our bars!!

Pure cocoa paste Venezuela 100% made in Switzerland.

Ingredients: Cacao beans 100% (no sugar).

May contain traces of milk, almonds and hazelnuts. Store in a dry place, between 8-18°C.

Our high quality Cocoa Coins are made from roasted, winnowed and ground cacao beans, no other ingredients are added. Add to all your favorite recipes – use to flavor creams, fillings, ice cream, batter and dough- or create your personalized chocolate bar!! Only the best for You and our Bar&Bar!!

This chocolate stands out for its deeply intense flavor. 

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No added sugar
(contains naturally occurring sugars)

No added oil

No artificial flavorings or preservatives

No cereals

No milk

Fair Direct Cacao

Nutrition Facts

Serving size
100 g
2552 KJ (610 kcal)
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
55 g
33.5 g
Total Carbohydrate
Total Sugars
26.3 g
0.3 g
Dietary fiber
17.5 g
11.1 g
0 g

Highest quality, sustainable and fair direct cacao beans.

Our Cacao Coins are made from the highest quality cacao beans harvested in the heart of chocolate country in the region of “Sur del Lago”, near the lake region of Maracaibo in Venezuela (Believed to be home of the first cacao tree!). For generations the Franceschi Family has farmed their land with cacao cultures, supervising every step of the process: from the tree planting, harvesting and the drying process, before shipping the cacao beans to Switzerland where it’s formed into our cacao coins. The Cacao fruit is harvested between December and March.

Our supplier works directly with the cacao farmers on site, ensuring fair working conditions. Farmers earn more money for their cacao beans than they would at Fairtrade levels, this allows them to plan long-term and secure their future.

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