Cassis Bites  132g.

Bites  rich in Protein with Blackcurrant.

Ingredients: dates*, almonds*, Egg white powder*, black currant (BioSuisse, grown  by family Heggli) 11%,  sea salt.

*from foreign organic agricolture.
May occasionally contain nut shells. Store in a dry and cool place (not in the fridge).
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No added sugar
(contains naturally occurring sugars)

No added oil

No artificial flavorings or preservatives

No cereals

No milk

Organic ingredients

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

100 g

1 serving (3 bites)
= ca. 26 g


1531 KJ (365 kcal)

398 KJ (95 kcal)

Total Fat
Saturated Fat

12.8 g

1.2 g

3.3 g

0.3 g

Total Carbohydrate

Total Sugars

34.0 g

31.5 g

8.8 g

8.2 g

Dietary Fiber

10.0 g

2.6 g


24.0 g

6.2 g


0.1 g
<0.1 g

Cassis BioSuisse from the Heggli Family.

The black  currants used in our bars are grown by the Heggli family in the canton of Aargau. In 1999 Thomas took over his parents’ farm,  raising dairy cows and pigs. In 2013, the family decided to dedicate their land to growing organic farm chokeberries (16 hectares) and blackcurrant ( 4 hectares.)

The farm is a true family affair-owned and operated by the Heggli family. While Thomas  processes the berries (drying, juicing,etc.) he also manages the business side. Paul and 14 year old Lewin handle the daily operations of the property. Twenty year old Larissa helps out on her semester breaks from school. Anita is  the mother of the family and the master multitasker. She packs her family’s precious harvest with loving care.

Bar&Bar is proud to showcase the organic berries of the Heggli family.

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